We Are Hello Heidi

Four women, four different styles – one shared vision.

Bettina Leinenbach

Although I have a weakness for minimalist, Scandinavian designs, I like to order colourful and expressive fabrics at least as much. In my opinion there are no good or bad tones. It is rather a question of combination. At Hello Heidi I am somehow responsible for everything, perks of being the boss. But what I enjoy most is looking for and finding new fabric sources or cool gadgets. Favourite colours: red, blue.


I have known Bettina and Barbara for many years. When the opportunity presented itself to me to support Hello Heidi not only as a blogger but also in the studio, I didn’t have to think twice. I am mainly responsible for cutting and wrapping the fabrics. I am also building up the assortment ‘bag accessories’. Favourite colours: burgundy, rust, pink.

Hello Heidi Fabrics Schweiz

Barbara Wallimann

I like subtle, exquisite fabrics like merino knit or linen. A design should always work on its own. That is why I usually avoid strong contrasts in my sewing projects. At Hello Heidi I bring in my second hobby, photography. Almost all pictures on this page were taken by me. Favourite colours: mustard yellow, olive green.

Hello Heidi Fabrics Switzerland


I discovered sewing and my love for textiles as a child. I like fabrics that are subtly patterned or have an interesting structure. If available I always go for natural materials. At Hello Heidi I am responsible for social media where I offer you an array of inspirations. Favourite colours: nude and beige, but also earthy and golden tones.