We Are Hello Heidi

Four women, four different styles – one shared vision.

Bettina Leinenbach

Although I have a weakness for minimalist, Scandinavian designs, I like to order colourful and expressive fabrics at least as much. In my opinion there are no good or bad tones. It is rather a question of combination. At Hello Heidi I am somehow responsible for everything, perks of being the boss. But what I enjoy most is looking for and finding new fabric sources or cool gadgets. Favourite colours: red, blue.


I have known Bettina and Barbara for many years. When the opportunity presented itself to me to support Hello Heidi not only as a blogger but also in the studio, I didn’t have to think twice. I am mainly responsible for cutting and wrapping the fabrics. I am also building up the assortment ‘bag accessories’. Favourite colours: burgundy, rust, pink.

Hello Heidi Fabrics Schweiz

Barbara Wallimann

I like subtle, exquisite fabrics like merino knit or linen. A design should always work on its own. That is why I usually avoid strong contrasts in my sewing projects. At Hello Heidi I bring in my second hobby, photography. Almost all pictures on this page were taken by me. Favourite colours: mustard yellow, olive green.

Hello Heidi Fabrics Switzerland


I discovered sewing and my love for textiles as a child. I like fabrics that are subtly patterned or have an interesting structure. If available I always go for natural materials. At Hello Heidi I am responsible for social media where I offer you an array of inspirations. Favourite colours: nude and beige, but also earthy and golden tones.

We would be nothing without our  ‘Klaras’. These are the bloggers who support us:

Hello Heidi Fabrics Switzerland


  • I live with my family near Koblenz in the beautiful Rhineland.
  • When I was looking for a name for my blog, my daughter, who was eighteen months old at the time, was stung by a bumblebee. You shouldn’t stroke these… Since then the child is my little bumblebee and the blog is called ‘Little Miss Bees’.
  • Favourite colours: teal, shades of gray and rosé
  • Favorite fabric types: I like cuddly flannel in winter and cool rayon in summer.
  • Signature Style: without frills and knickknacks, please
Hello Heidi Fabrics Switzerland


  • I blog from the Zurich country side where I live with my husband and our three teenagers.
  • Favourite colours: jade green, teal but also muddy green and burgundy
  • Favourite substrates: most definitely woven fabrics made from cotton, viscose or lyocell
  • Signature style: I like it classy and a bit sophisticated, but sometimes I leave my comfort zone and try out something new.
ganzmeinding Claudia, Designnäherin der Kollektion Flur von Hello Heidi Fabrics GmbH


  • I live with my husband and our sons in Stuttgart, Germany.
  • My blog is called ‘ganzmeinding’ which translates to ‘just my thing’. I love sewing, knitting and sometimes other DIY’s as well.
  • Favourite colours: pink, magenta, gray and black.
  • Favourite substrates: I’m pretty flexible as long as the fabric is beautiful.
  • Signature style: casual but always stylish
Prülla Danie, Designnäherin der Kollektion Flur von Hello Heidi Fabrics GmbH


  • I live with my two favourite people near Lüneburg in the north of Germany.
  • My blog’s name is inspired by the children’s book series “Petterson and Findus”. There the hen Prillan appears. But my junior consistently mispronounced their name at the age of three – and soooo I had the perfect name for my blog.
  • Favourite colours: teal and burgundy, but blue always works for me, too.
    Favourite substrate: viscose knit for the win! Although I also like sweatshirt fabric and denim.
    Signature style: sporty and casual
Follow me Design Denise, Designnäherin der Kollektion Flur von Hello Heidi Fabrics GmbH

Follow me Design

  • I live with my family (husband, children, cats and some fishies) in Winterthur, Switzerland.

  • My blog and pattern label both are called ‘Follow Me Design’. ‘Follow me’ was printed on the back of a T-shirt of one of my sons. We always had to chase that little guy…

  • Favourite colours: teal and all shades of blue

  • Favourite substrate: I can’t commit myself so well, but I love natural fibres and like to sew with organic fabrics.

  • Signature style: No knickknack, please!


  • I live with my husband and our four children in Switzerland, near the French language border.
    I used to think sewing wasn’t for me. But then my heart was awakened for it = ‘herzgeweckt’.
  • I love it when beautiful fabrics are turned into unique pieces. 
  • Favourite colours: all pastel shades
  • Favourite substrates: knit fabrics, if possible organic
  • Signature style: simple and with romantic details, a bit playful, but not too kitschy
Hello Heidi Fabrics Schweiz

TILia Patterns

  • Hello, my name is Eveline, and I am a mother of two, wife of one and owner of Tilia Patterns.
  • I not only blog about my sewing adventures, but since 2020 I have also been designing patterns.
  • Favourite colours: Cool winter tones suit me especially well. So I can’t say no to blue, emerald or white.
  • Favorite substrate: Anything that is light and fluttering. I love viscose crêpes, light chiffons or pleated fabrics.
  • Signature Style: Although I am Swiss, my style could be described as très français.
sewmariefleur Fleurine, Designnäherin der Kollektion Flur von Hello Heidi Fabrics GmbH

Sew Mariefleur

  • I am German, but I live with my Norwegian husband and our son and dog in Tromsø, northern Norway.
  • My blogname ‘sew Mariefleur’ is self-explanatory.  (Marie-Fleurine is my complete first name.)
  • Favourite colours: I love burgundy, but I also like blue, grey and teal.
  • Favourite substrate: Do I really have to commit myself? That’s so difficult. Okay, I pick voile.
  • Signature style: classically elegant with modern and sometimes romantic elements.
Isabel Belgium Blogger


  • I’m Isabel and I live in Belgium with my husband and our two girls.
  • My blog and my pattern label are named Bel’Etoile. Bel is part of my name and Etoile is the French translation of my eldest daughter’s name Sterre. Together it means ‘beautiful star’.
  • Favourite colours: I love blue and green. But when it comes to sewing I’m open minded. It’s so much fun to combine colours.
  • Favourite substrate: I like to work with single knits and French terries. Some wovens with a nice drape are great, too.
  • Signature style: I always seem to go for casual chic, both for my girls and me.
Klitzeglück Klaudia, Designnäherin der Kollektion Flur von Hello Heidi Fabrics GmbH


  • I am an Austrian in German ‘exile’ and live with my family near Freiburg in the southwest of Germany.
  • My blogname ‘Klitzeglück’ (translates to teeny-tiny happiness) stands for a feeling. Back when I started sewing for my first son, all parts were so small. The joy about the miniature wardrobe was huge. I stick to the name for nostalgic reasons.
  • Favourite colours: grey, white, yellow
  • Favourite substrates: wovens, sweats and jacquard knits
  • Signature style: simple, but with a special twist
Firlefanz Kristina, Designnäherin der Kollektion Flur von Hello Heidi Fabrics GmbH


  • I live with my husband, child and cat on an old farm in Northern Germany.
  • My blogname ‘Firlefanz’ stands for the sometimes superfluous, yet beautiful things that make sewing so special.
  • Favourite colours: from blue and teak to strong red and delicate pink
  • Favourite substrates: I love natural fibers, whether knitted or woven. I only sew with synthetic substrates if I make swimwear or sportswear.
  • Signature style: simple and a bit romantic
Liivi&Liivi Maarika, Designnäherin der Kollektion Flur von Hello Heidi Fabrics GmbH

Liivi & Liivi

  • After several years in Israel, I moved to Osnabrück, Northern Germany, with my husband and our children in the summer of 2018.
  • My blogname was a product of chance. I asked my then 3-year-old daughter how she would call the blog. Her answer: ‘Liivi and Liivi”. Since I have Estonian roots, and Liivi is a common maiden name there, it was Liivi and Liivi.
  • Favourite colours: grey, blue and olive green. (Is “striped” actually also a colour? If yes, I would put it at position 1.)
  • Favourite substrates: thin jersey and rayon knits
  • Signature style: simple, feminine and casual
Ironneedle Mela, Designnäherin der Kollektion Flur von Hello Heidi Fabrics GmbH


  • I live with my boyfriend and our cat in the beautiful hills of Zurich, Switzerland.
  • My blogname IRONneedle is composed of my two passions. ‘Needle’, of course, stands for sewing. ‘IRON’ refers to my second passion triathlon, whereby I prefer the long distances as with the ‘Ironman’.
  • Favourite colours: earthy tones but sometimes pink. Does that sound weird?
  • Favourite substrates: I like flowy stuff as rayon or silk.
  • Signature style: definitely animal prints
Stjärnmönster Michela, Designnäherin der Kollektion Flur von Hello Heidi Fabrics GmbH


  • Ich wohne mit meinem Mann und unseren Kindern am oberen Zürichsee.
  • I live with my husband and our children at the upper lake Zurich.
  • I am often asked about my blogname. ‘Stjärnmönster’ is Swedish and means star pattern. Scandinavia has impressed me, the rough nature, the friendly people, the quality of their design.
  • Favourite colours: earthy tones such as moss green, mustard yellow, brown and petrol.
  • Favourite substrates: wovens, especially corduroy. 
  • Signature style: My style is changing these days, but my unconditionally love for retro and vintage will remain.
sewitcurly Mijke, Designnäherin der Kollektion Flur von Hello Heidi Fabrics GmbH

Sew It Curly

  • Ich lebe mit meinem Mann und unseren Kindern in den Niederlanden. Im Moment bin ich Familienfrau, arbeite aber gelegentlich als Fashion Model. Dass Nähen meine grosse Leidenschaft ist, muss ich nicht erklären.
  • Ich habe zwar keinen vollwertigen Blog, zeige meine Projekte aber regelmässig auf meinem Instagram-Kanal  “Sew it Curly”.
  • Lieblingsfarben: die komplette Pastellpalette (Ich habe kaum schwarze Teile im Schrank.)
  • Lieblingsstoffart: Im Moment arbeite ich sehr gerne mit Sommersweat.
  • Signature Style: romatisch, zart, Blüten und Rüschen
LiaEl Nadja, Designnäherin der Kollektion Flur von Hello Heidi Fabrics GmbH


  • Ich wohne mit meiner Familie im Kanton Zürich.
  • Mein Blogname ist ein Akronym aus den Vornamen unserer Kinder. Als ich das Phanatsiewort  “LiaEl” in der Schriftart meiner Wahl sah, wusste ich: Das ist es.
  • Lieblingsfarben: Da kann ich mich gar nicht festlegen. Eigentlich alle – bis auf Violett.
  • Lieblingsstoffarten:  Jersey, Jacquard und mittlerweile auch Webware
  • Signature Style: lässig, oversized und mit einem Touch Romantik
Pedilu Petra, Designnäherin der Kollektion Flur von Hello Heidi Fabrics GmbH


  • I am situated in Cologne, Germany, and I am a graphic designer, blogger and – above all  – a mom. Since 2010 I blog and publish under ‘pedilu’, which is an acronym of my childhood nickname and my maidenname.
  • Meanwhile I also design patterns, am an author of sewing books and design fabric (for example for Hello Heidi Fabrics).
  • Favourite colours: blue, blue and even more blue, small spots of other colours are allowed though
  • Favourite substrate: light to heavy knits
  • Signature style: casual chic – but rather casual than chic
Frau Dachs Rebekka, Designnäherin der Kollektion Flur von Hello Heidi Fabrics GmbH

Frau Dachs bloggt

  • I live with my husband and our three children in Switzerland, near the German border.
  • The name “Frau Dachs bloggt” is derived from where I live, the small town of Dachsen.
  • Favourite colours: rich and earthy autumn colours such as mustard or olive green.
  • Favourite substrates: I love woven fabrics. I especially like drapey rayons.
  • Signature style: simple, straightforward, monochromatic and with a touch of retro and vintage.
Hello Heidi Fabrics Switzerland


  • I am based near Berlin with my husband and our three children.
  • I show my sewing projects under the name ‘Every Seam It Takes’. It should be an expression of the fact that many seams are needed to finish a garment. Time, patience, nerves, but also love and passion are needed as well. And yes, the name refers to a song title.
  • Favorite colours: blue, rust and burgundy
  • Favourite substrate: woven fabric, preferably made from tencel
  • Signature style: a perfect combination of fabric and pattern